Training Fees

Training & Board $875/month*

Each horse is worked a minimum of eighteen days per month. If the horse goes to a show or needs lengthy attending for farrier or veterinary work, it is counted as a ride. One lesson per week may be substituted for a ride at no additional charge or scheduled in addition to regular training at a rate of $25 per lesson. Your horse will receive quality individualized care and training, including turnouts. Each stall has a window, is bedded with shavings and has a light that is on a timer. The horses are fed quality grass hay & alfalfa. *Training for stallions is $1,000 per month.

Lessons 30-45 minute lesson with your own horse $50


AQHA World Show flat rate of $4,200 per horse


Does not include


A 10% commission is charged on the actual sale price of the horse. The owner pays advertising costs and $50 for video production and upload to youtube.


A Considerable amount of time, effort and phone calls are made to find and evaluate that special horse and to negotiate the best price. If you would like us to do this, you will be charged 10% (minimum of $500; maximum of $4,000) of the purchase price plus the expenses associated with going to see the horse. We have many connections throughout the nation to find out inside information regarding a horse’s reputation when you are considering a horse outside of northern California and to find horses that are not advertised but are available for purchase. If you are finding & negotiating the purchase on you own and would like us to evaluate the horse, we charge $200 per day plus the expenses associated with going to see the horse.